Shalom Counselling Services Helping People Grow Toward Peace and Wholeness

Our Perspective

As a faith-based agency, we honour and respect the diversity of persons, backgrounds and beliefs within our community. As Christian professionals, Shalom counsellors are receptive to conversations of faith and spirituality when initiated by the client in the counselling process.

Our People

Our staff members are accredited counsellors with a minimum of a master’s level counselling education.

Our Mission

The mission of Shalom Counselling Services Inc. (SCS Inc.) is “Helping People Grow Toward Peace and Wholeness” through the provision of therapeutic counselling, consultation, and educational programs that integrate emotional, relational and spiritual dimensions. The services provided promote healing, growth and well-being for individuals, couples, families, groups, churches and communities. Shalom is staffed by Masters or Doctoral level trained and accredited counsellors, who are Christian professionals.

SCS Inc. exists to serve the mental and emotional health needs of people in our communities. This commitment extends to individuals and families from all cultural, ethnic, religious and racial identification, and does not restrict any person from seeking and receiving the services of SCS Inc. Services respect the diversity of beliefs and backgrounds within our community and as Christian professionals SCS Inc. is uniquely able to serve those who desire a faith dimension to counselling. SCS Inc. is committed to providing accessible and affordable counselling services, and will make every effort to ensure services are available to those unable to pay. Services will be provided as scope of practice and programs exist in response to presenting concerns, honouring each person’s unique life and faith experience and spirituality.

Our Name

The name “Shalom” was chosen by the founders of Shalom Counselling Services. This Hebrew word means “peace,” human well-being experienced in all dimensions of life.  The focus of counselling at Shalom is  “Helping People Grow Toward Peace and Wholeness.”