Shalom Counselling Services Helping People Grow Toward Peace and Wholeness

Our History

Shalom Counselling was started under auspices of Mennonite Central Committee Ontario in 1983. Pastors and mental health professionals identified a need for counselling services, in addition to the pastoral care provided in congregations. In 1993, after ten years under the charter of Mennonite Central Committee, Shalom was incorporated as a not-for-profit charity.

There have been three different Shalom Counselling Centres in operation since Shalom began—Shalom Counselling St. Catharines (1982 to 1996), Shalom Counselling Services Waterloo (1983 to present), and Shalom Counselling Services Leamington/Windsor (1993 to 2009). At this time the Waterloo location is the sole Shalom Counselling Centre operating under the charter of Shalom Counselling Services Inc.

Board of Directors

The work of Shalom is governed by a volunteer, elected Board of Directors consisting of a minimum of ten directors. The Board provides strategic leadership ensuring alignment with Shalom’s mission and vision.