Feedback/Complaint Process

At Shalom Counselling Services we take your feedback and concerns seriously. If you have feedback or concerns that you wish to share with Shalom, please use the process outlined below.

If you are a client and have a concern or feedback about any aspect of the service you received, first speak to your counsellor. If the concern is not resolved informally through your counsellor, Shalom’s Clinical Director would be happy to speak to you. If you continue to have concerns, please complete this form and forward it to Shalom Counselling Services by mail, fax (519.886.7832), or in person.

If you are a member of the public and wish to provide feedback or concerns about Shalom, you may call the Executive Director (519.886.9690), or request a contact by the Board Chair or designated Board Member. Alternately, you may complete this form and forward it to Shalom by mail, fax (519.886.7832), or in person.

The Executive Director and Executive Committee of the Board of Directors will review all written complaints. A response will be made within 10 working days. If the response remains unsatisfactory, further steps that you can take will be explained to you.


Feedback/Concern Form